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TANTRA CENTRE | Tantra massage Prague

Welcome to our Tantra Salon!

  • peeling client & nbsp;- Takes place so that the masseuse washed peeling client in the shower.

  • technology for long- It is a technique where a masseuse to delaying orgasm using special techniques and to distribute energy throughout the body. In cooperation with breathing techniques, you can experience a great move, which is an internal orgasm, called an orgasm without ejaculation. It's a very nice massage.

  • prostate massage- This massage is not only very healing, but also very pleasant. If you are on this massage technique, he wanted to know more feel free to ask my masseuse. All our masseuses with this technique have a wealth of experience, so make sure you do not have to worry about. Masseuses are very delicate and sensitive.

  • The client hasincluded massages to refresh drinks like tea, water, coffee or fresh juice and a little entertainment in the form of fruit and chocolate to awaken the senses.

  • We ask customers to reserve and slack & nbsp;(Ca. 30 min.) & Nbsp;beyond the length of massages. 

What is Tantra and how it is Tantric Massage?


Nature Tantra masáže i tantry as such consists in working with vital energy body. Tantra opens a new dimension of human perception of power, which is learning to accept. Tantric Massage also expanding view of what is human intimacy. In the original translation of the word Tantra means weaving, spinning, link. Before starting the massage you masseur or masseuse Explain what a massage going on with you and what you can expect. Awaken your inner energy and sensuality ...

Visit the center of tantric massage in Prague!

Welcome to the massage parlor Tantra Centre Prague, which specializes inTantric massage. Tantra massage are considered the queen of massages, as they occur during the maximum relaxation and achieving pleasurable feelings. See for yourself on your own and feel Tantric massage!

In our salon offering massages, NOT SEXUAL SERVICES!!


Reservations: +420 725 930 000, Hours 10-22 hours


Orders tel +420 725 930 000



Beautiful and above all, original Christmas gift for your loved ones! Tantric massage is a gift that you really enjoy, and they will long remember HIM.

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Prices are firmly fixed,and haggle on prices.