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TANTRA CENTRE | Tantra massage Prague

Welcome to our Tantra Salon!

 In our Tantric salon, we offer a variety of massages and treatments. Our specialty are particularly tantric massages that will completely relax and perform the mysterious world of Tantra.

Our salon Tantra Center also offers you other massage techniques such as:

Great are our constellation and therapies that you can not miss:


You can choose from our many beautiful masseuses. The essence of tantra tantra massage and as such is working with the life energy of the body and breathing techniques. Tantra opens a new dimension of human perception of the energy that you learn to accept. In the original translation of the word tantra means twisting, spinning, connection.

Before starting the massage masseuse or masseur explain what a massage you will happen and what you can expect.

On your visit to enjoy all & nbsp; team Tantra Center.

Orders tel +420 725 930 000



Beautiful and above all, original Christmas gift for your loved ones! Tantric massage is a gift that will really enjoy BE A at him for a long time.

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Newly We accept payment cards VISA brand,
MasterCard, V Pay, JCB. 

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Prices are firmly fixed,and haggle on prices.